Urban Commons Lab

Service Learning

Urban Commons Lab engages in service-learning activities through community design studios at UW and also with students visiting from universities overseas. Our local work focuses on underserved communities including Seattle’s Chinatown-International District in collaboration with community organizations through projects with support from Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods. We have also worked overseas with other local communities through study abroad programs.

Selected Projects:

U District Complete Open Space

Maynard Alley Activation: Phase 1 of 2

Park (Here): Chinatown International District Parklets

Mobile.scape: Chinatown International District Street Carts

King Street Visioning Project

Re-Envisioning Hing Hay Park

(Re)Play: International Children’s Park Renovation

White Center Heights Park: Participatory Makeover

Night Market Eventscapes

Meinung Rural Field Studio

Design Rescue: Post-Tsunami Recovery in Aceh

Community Open Space Initiatives: Chinatown International District