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Guerrilla urbanists are ‘doing it our damn selves’
SmartCitiesDive, May 23, 2024

Conflict and the City: Protest
The Urbanist, Monocle Radio: Episode 656, May 9, 2024

Asian street markets trending around the country
AsAmNews, April 30, 2024

After Black Lives Memorial Garden removal, UW studio taking academic approach to sorting out community uses in Cal Anderson
Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, January 9, 2024

Seattle’s Chinatown International District Night Market canceled due to lack of sponsors, rising costs
Seattle Times, September 23, 2023

How an annual pig roast in the CID honors the legacy of civil rights activist Bob Santos
Seattle Times, July 20, 2023

Restaurant 2 Garden seeks to systemize hyperlocal composting in the CID
International Examiner, July 20, 2023

Advocates Advance ‘Pedestrianize This’ Campaign, Is SDOT Ready to Listen?
The Urbanist, June 28, 2023

中山新聞 NSYSU News. May 25, 2023

The Danny Woo Community Garden builds on its long architectural history with the UW
International Examiner. May 17, 2023

Listen: Jeff Hou
Future of the American City. May 12, 2023

Shezidao as a Limit Case for Democracy in Taiwan? Perspectives from Design with Jeffrey Hou
New Bloom. April 17, 2023

Emerging civil society urbanisms in Asia as a response to the challenges of local communities
IPOP. April 11, 2023 (in Slovenian)

Researching and Collaboration Beyond Conventions: A Graduate Student Workshop with Jeffrey Hou (Part 1)
The Taiwan Gazette. March 27, 2023

Placemaking and Border-Crossing in Asia: A Graduate Student Workshop with Jeffrey Hou (Part 2)
The Taiwan Gazette. March 27, 2023

我在地方聽故事:野力再生 | 翻轉社區營造DNA
Radio Taiwan International. January 31, 2023

One newspaper closes and another goes online — Community looks back and mourn
NW Asian Weekly. January 19, 2023

為共好而設計:社會建築的意義與影響力 ft. 侯志仁
Taiwan Architecture Podcast. August 9, 2022

Environmental Information eNews. July 5, 2022

Bothell banned cars from Main Street in response to COVID. They may never return
Seattle Times. April 6, 2022

Storied beams: Architectural annotations on resilience and survival in the Chinatown-International District
International Examiner, March 17, 2022

中正紀念堂如何轉型?景觀建築教授侯志仁:開放公民參與更重要 | 未來城市 Podcast
未來城市 Future City @天下. January 17, 2022 (Traditional Chinese)

眼底城事 Eyes on Place. January 12, 2022 (Traditional Chinese)

眼底城事 Eyes on Place. January 12, 2022 (Traditional Chinese)

Open City: EP6, Cities in USA, the Netherlands, France, and Taiwan
Open City. December 22, 2021 (Mandarin Chinese)

Eyes on Place. December 1, 2021

Community Design as a Process
Attention: The Audio Journal of Architecture. Issue 6: Community is a Practice. October 21, 2021

Deadly blaze highlights risks of Taiwan’s ‘ghost buildings’
Nikkei Asia. October 18, 2021

Lost and Found with Jonathan Green: Taipei
ABC Radio National. August 20, 2021

氣候戰役在台灣: 疫後綠生活 EP3, August 18, 2021 (Mandarin Chinese)

Issue 13: Community
LA+ Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture. Spring 2021

眼底城事 Eyes on Place, February 1, 2021 (Mandarin Chinese)

眼底城事 Eyes on Place, February 2, 2021 (Mandarin Chinese)

眼底城事 Eyes on Place, February 2, 2021 (Mandarin Chinese)

Les ruelles de Taipei sont-elles des lieux porteurs d’innovation sociale?
Radio Taiwan International. 13 January 2021 (French)

Dismantling the Design Syllabus.
Landscape Architecture Magazine. November 2020

Seattle could become the next 15-minute city.
Crosscut. November 17, 2020.

The pandemic is transforming how Americans use public libraries, parks, and streets — and it’s depriving vulnerable people of space when they need it most.
Insider. September 14, 2020

Inclusion or Exclusion: Whose Public Space?
The Paper. August 21, 2020 (In Chinese)

Emerging Landscape Architecture Leaders Focus on Social Justice
The Dirt, ASLA. July 23, 2020

LAF Innovation + Leadership Symposium Goes Virtual: Part 1
Land8 Blog. July 17, 2020

How urban design can make or break protests
Smithsonian Magazine. June 29, 2020

Reclaim the City
Blueprint for Living with Jonathan Green, ABC Radio National. June 27, 2020

The Accidental Occupation of Seattle
CityLab. June 18, 2020

From sidewalks to shopfronts, Hong Kong’s protests have rearranged its urban landscape
Quartz. December 17, 2019

Bike life: How a subculture turns bikes into tools of escape, and cities into playgrounds
North Jersey Record. September 27, 2019

Dialogue with Environmental Designers, Episode 2: City Commoning
與環境設計師對談 ep2 反造再起 城市共生
Eyes on the City Podcast Series. August 21, 2019 (Chinese)

Open Book 閱讀誌. August 15, 2019 (Chinese)

Jeff Hou: deux livres pour illustrer des démarches urbaines Taiwanaises
La Ville en Pratiques (The City in Practice). Rational Taiwan International.
Interviewed and produced by Clément Tricot. August 14, 2019 (French)

Jeff Hou: activisme urbain et design communautaire à Taiwan
La Ville en Pratiques (The City in Practice). Rational Taiwan International.
Interviewed and produced by Clément Tricot. August 7, 2019 (French)

Found in Translation
Landscape Architecture Magazine, 108 (11): 106-121. November 2018

Eyes on Place. July 26, 2019

Perspective: Jeffrey Hou
Landscape Architecture Foundation. October 15, 2018

Removal of Early Days statue in San Francisco
The Guardian (UK). September 24, 2018

What does it mean to engage in activism through design? To engage in design through activism?
McHarg Center’s Digital Roundtable. 2018

New book ‘City Unsilenced’ explores protest and public space
UW News. January 3, 2018

10: Messy Urbanism with Jeff Hou and Manish Chalana
ArchitectureTalk. December 20, 2017

Image of the Future Podcast Episode 2: Collaborative Democracy by Design
Pomegranate Center. November 16, 2017

Messy Urbanism: Interview with Jeffrey Hou
Parallel Lines, 3RRR, 102.7FM, Melbourne, Australia. Radio interview. October 11, 2017

To whom does a city’s nature belong? Is it a common pool resource, or a public good?
The Nature of Cities Global Roundtable. May 8, 2017

Landscape architecture professors write book on community gardens
UW News, Oct. 8, 2009