Urban Commons Lab


Jeff Hou

Director & Professor of Landscape Architecture

Adjunct Professor of Architecture; Urban Design & Planning

University of Washington, Seattle

Email: jhou [at] uw.edu 


COLLABORATORS (Current & Past Projects)

Dan Abramson, University of Washington

Andrea Arai, University of Washington

Kofi Boone, North Carolina State University

Mallika Bose, Pennsylvania State University

Manish Chalana, University of Washington

Shenglin Chang, National Taiwan University

Im Sik Cho, National University of Singapore

David de la Peña, University of California, Davis

Samuel F. Dennis, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Mark Francis, University of California, Davis

David Grohmann, University of Perugia

Randolph T. Hester, Jr., University of California, Berkeley

Chi-Tung Huang, National Taipei University of Business

Shu-Mei Huang, National Taiwan University

Rob Hutchison, University of Washington

Julie Johnson, University of Washington

Diane Jones Allen, University of Texas, Arlington

Min Jay Kang, National Taiwan University

Isami Kinoshita, Chiba University

Blaž Križnik, Hangyang University

Sabine Knierbein, TU Wien

Laura Lawson, Rutgers University

ChenYu Lien, Chung Yuan University

Duanfang Lu, University of Sydney

Marcia McNally, University of California, Berkeley

Sawako Ono, Chiba University

Harley Pan, Harley Pan Videography

Michael Rios, University of California, Berkeley

Clare Risbeth, University of Sheffield

Deni Ruggeri, NMBU University

Ben Spencer, University of Washington

Makie Suzuki, University of Washington

Dorothy Tang, University of Hong Kong

Thaisa Way, University of Washington

Liang-Yi Yen, Fujen University

Ken Yocom, University of Washington



Alison Blevin — International Children’s Park (2007)

Nathan Brightbill – The 5th Conference of the Pacific Rim Community Design Network (2004), Proceedings: (Re)constructing Communities: Design Participation in the Face of Change (2005)

Nancy ChanNow Urbanism: The Future City is Here! (2015)

Arielle Farina Clark – Urban Community Gardens (2005)

Sarah FerreterInsurgent Public Space: Guerrilla Urbanism and the Remaking of Contemporary Cities (2010)

Emily Grigg-Saito – Transcultural Cities Symposium (2009)

Kuang-Ting Huang – Community Open Space Initiatives (2005)

Shu-Mei Huang – International Children’s Park (2007), Re-envisioning Hing Hay Park (2009)

Szu-Yu Huang — International Children’s Park (2007)

Hoilok Heather LamEmerging Civic Urbanisms in Asia: Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Taipei beyond Developmental Urbanization (2021)

Vanessa Lee – Urban Community Gardens (2005), International Children’s Park (2007)

Kuei-Hsien Liao – Meinung Field Studio (2005)

Jayde Lin Roberts – Transcultural Cities Symposium (2011)

Qian Liu — Chinatown International District (2017)

Audrey MaloneyTranscultural Cities: Border-Crossing and Placemaking (2013)

Scott Melbourne – Global Classroom Studio (2003)

Hye-Young Nam –International Children’s Park (2007)

Keiko Shimada – Maynard Avenue Green Street (2004)

Nan-Ching Tai – Global Classroom Studio (2004)

Li Tan — Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Two Chinatown International District Park: Donnie Chin International Children’s Park & Hing Hay Park (2018-2019)

Naomi Uchida – Asian Urbanism Exploration Seminar (2007)

Jocine Velasco — CHOP Garden fieldwork (2020)

Weijia WangMessy Urbanism: Understanding the “Other” Asian Cities (2016)

Xiaotian Wang — P-Patch Community Gardens (2013)

Julie Yuan — Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Two Chinatown International District Park: Donnie Chin International Children’s Park & Hing Hay Park (2018-2019)

Kaila Yun – Maynard Avenue Green Street (2004)



Chinatown International District Business Improvement Area

Inter*Im Community Development Association

International District Housing Alliance (IDHA)

Friends of Hing Hay Park

Friends of International Children’s Park

King County Parks and Recreation

King Street Task Force

Maynard Alley Partnership

Meinung People’s Association

Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda)

Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation

Seattle Housing Authority

White Center Community Development Association

Wilderness Inner-city Leadership Development (WILD)

Wing Luke Asian Museum