Urban Commons Lab

Engaged Research

Urban Commons Lab engages in research of civic engagement, design activism, and placemaking on topics ranging from community gardens to immigrant placemaking. We collaborate with community partners locally as well as researchers at UW and other universities and research institutions around the world. Sources of recent and past grants include Landscape Architecture Foundation, World Universities Network, University of Washington Global Innovation Fund, University of Washington Royalty Research Fund, and University of California Pacific Rim Research Grant.

Selected Projects:

Emerging Civic Urbanisms in Asia: Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, and Taipei

Spaces of ‘Creative’ Resistance

Educating Design Activists in Landscape Architecture

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Two CID Parks

Open Green, Taipei: Civic Engagement and Collaborative Placemaking

Sharing City & Urban Commoning: Taiwan and Hong Kong

Immigrants, Places, and Cross-Cultural Understanding

Urban Community Gardens: Learning from Seattle Cases