Urban Commons Lab

Open Green Program/ Taipei

Civic Engagement and Collaborative Placemaking: Community-based participatory planning has been a bright spot of progressive planning practice in Taiwan in recent decades. The emergence of such practices has paralleled the process of Taiwan’s political liberalization since the 1990s. This study focuses on what and how multiple actors and community stakeholders in Taipei learn through the collaborative local planning processes, and how such learning may lead to enhanced capacity in pursuing practices of civic engagement. As case-study research, the study examines more specifically the learning process that occurs through the Open Green Matching Fund program (打開綠生活) in Taipei that began in 2014. As an ongoing experiment, the program provides learning opportunities for the City staff, professionals, and community members alike in the pursuit of collaborative placemaking and urban regeneration. [Link] [Final Report]

Global Taiwan Institute Taiwan Scholarship (2018-2019). Class of 2019 Scholar/ Jeff Hou