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Educating Design Activists


Education of Design Activists in Landscape Architecture: The field of landscape architecture is experiencing a surge of interest in design for transformative social outcomes broadly defined as design activism. As evident in recent award-winning student entries, socially engaged design responses to urgent social and environmental challenges have become a growing aspiration especially among students and emerging practitioners. However, is the current model of landscape architecture education adequate in addressing the urgent issues of equity, justice, and climate adaptation? This project assembles a group of leading educators/practitioners to produce a white paper and resource guide on educating design activists and leaders in landscape architecture. [Project Website] [LAF Fellowship] [Framework for Actions Report]

Landscape Architecture Foundation Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership (2019-2020). Senior Fellow/ Jeffrey Hou. Working Group/ Kofi Boone (North Carolina State University), Mallika Bose (Pennsylvania State University), Chingwen Cheng (Arizona State University), David de la Peña (University of California, Davis), Joern Langhorst (University of Colorado, Denver), Laura Lawson (Rutgers University), Michael Rios (University of California, Davis), Deni Ruggeri (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Julie Stevens (Iowa State University). (Images: Landscape Architecture Foundation, Jeff Hou)