Urban Commons Lab

White Center Heights Park

Open Space Makeover: An unincorporated area in King County, White Center one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the county with immigrants and refugees from Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. This project engaged in a critical re-examination of open space and streetscape improvements as a part of the repertoire for community development in White Center. Additionally, through community outreach and engagement, students developed six alternative plans for improving the White Center Heights Park. The design of the park was implemented through a design/build studio led by Prof. Daniel Winterbottom, with funding and volunteer support from the Starbucks Neighborhood Parks Program. [Link]

Collaboration with White Center Community Development Association, King Country Parks and Recreation, White Center Heights Elementary School, and the Southwest Boys and Girls Club (2007). Studio Instructor/ Jeff Hou. Students/ Savanna Hines-Elzinga, Tehia Kalebaugh, Kayla Lowber, Michael Michalak, Nicole Mikesh, Peter Nelson, Terry Shaver, Tim Shuck, Zach Smith, Kent Straub-Jones, Dylan Yamashita, Xiao Wei Zhang.