Urban Commons Lab

Post-Tsunami Design Rescue

Recovery in Aceh: On December 26, 2004, a series of earthquakes caused tsunamis impacting nine countries in South Asia and leaving more than 100,000 dead and a further 2 million forced from their homes. Started almost a week later, this project was intended to explore local and international efforts to rebuild communities and ecologies in the region, with Aceh Province as a particular focus. The goal of the studio was to explore how landscape architects can engage in the current and long-term recovery efforts in the region. The results of the studio included a set of prototypical designs to envision a long-term, community-based recovery and rebuilding process focusing on conditions in Aceh. Individually tailored to address a set of issues and conditions, these prototype designs are meant to enable local communities to take actions and to be adapted to address specific needs on the ground. [Link] [Report]

Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Washington (2005). Studio Instructor/ Jeff Hou. Students/ Sandra Buitron-Delgado, Allisa Carlson, Sarah Durkee, Devin Golob, Erin Jacobs, Xin Jin, Grace Li, Jennifer Low, Krystal Lowber, Erika Matthias, Vince Nguyen, Darby Ringer, Travis Scrivner, Brenda Snyder, Ryan Storkman, Tera Tarbet, Kara Weaver.