Urban Commons Lab

Community Open Space

Community Open Space Initiatives: Located in South Downtown Seattle, the Chinatown International District is one of the city’s most historically important neighborhoods. Like many parts of the city, the district has faced a series of imminent changes that can significantly influence its future livability as a community of diverse cultures and populations. They include an increase in housing density, changes in current land-use zoning, and new and expanded transportation and other development projects. This project investigated ways to enable the community to maintain and improve its livability and culturally diversity through a set of open space initiatives. In recognition of the diversity and complexity of the neighborhood, the studio worked on multiple areas within the district, with different stakeholders including organizations and residents. It considered both the institutional and community building processes of creating open space. [Link]

With support from Inter*Im Community Development Association, International District Housing Alliance, and Wing Luke Asian Museum (2005). Studio Instructor/ Jeff Hou. Research Assistant/ Kuang-Ting Huang. Students/ Lauren Kimiko Acheson, Alison Blake, Nathan Brightbill, Paul Chasan, Arielle Farina Clark, Garrett Devier, Jocelyn Freilinger, Noelle Higgins, Vanessa Lee, Sarah Preisler, Chiaki Nakajima, Elizabeth Powers, Betsy Severtsen, Kari Stiles, Irene Tang, Elizabeth Umbanhowar.