Urban Commons Lab

Meinung Rural Field Studio

Rural Taiwan in transition: Located in a valley of tobacco and rice fields, Meinung is one of Southern Taiwan’s most scenic and culturally important townships. However, like most rural townships in Taiwan and many developing regions, Meinung is also facing challenges from a globalized process of economic restructuring, the influx of tourism, and urbanization. This month-long field studio worked with one of the most dynamic and resilient community organizations in Taiwan, the Meinung People’s Association (MPA), to develop design and planning strategies for cultural and environmental sustainability for the township. Projects included the renovation of historic buildings and landscapes, design of a riverfront street market, and conservation of a valley for ecotourism and agroforestry. [Link]

Collaboration with Meinung People’s Association (2005). Studio Instructors/ Jeff Hou, Kuei-Hsien Liao, Liang-Yi Yen. Students/(USA) Aaron Asis, Heather Burpee, Sylvia Chan, Gina Coffman, Christina Haislip, Christine Harrington, Katherine Idziorek, Justin Kliewer, Vanessa Lee, Liz Maly, David Marchetti, Sam McPhetres, Carly Mendelssohn, Lee Roberts, Makie Suzuki; (Taiwan) Chun-Jie Chang, Yi-Ling Chen, Ying-Yu Chen, Tze-Hsuan Huang, Yu-Er Kuo, Chao-Miao Lin, Pei-Yi Lin, Wei-Li Su, An-Yi Tseng.