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Night Market Eventscapes

Night Market in America: Supported with a grant for internationalization of undergraduate curriculum from the UW Office of Undergraduate Education and International Programs and Exchanges, the studio investigated the cross-cultural landscape of night markets in the Pacific Northwest. In collaboration with the WILD (Wilderness Inner-city Leadership Development) Youth Program, UW undergraduate students and WILD high school students developed designs to support the planned night market in the Chinatown-International District. Envisioned as temporary site installations, the designs provided functional support for the night market event as well as helping to interpret the stories embedded in the immigrant communities of the district. [Link] [Studio Presentation]

Collaboration with the Wilderness Inner-City Leadership Development (WILD) Youth Program (International District Housing Alliance) (2006). Studio Instructor/ Jeff Hou. Students/ Lindsey Altenburg, Luke Anderson, Allison Blevins, Emily Carlson, Rebecca Chaney, Peter Clark, Amelia Connelly, Bridget Darrow, Jesse Douglas-Seitz, Janette Eby, Lillian Glise, James Jeghers, Ron Rovetto, Kent Straub-Jones, Xiao Wei Zhang.