Urban Commons Lab

Two Sides of the Border

The Resilient City: Proposals for the Future of Mexico CityThe 2018 Futures Studio challenged students to propose and develop speculative projects which address the future of Mexico City, one of the world’s largest metropolises. With a population estimated to be between 21 million and 23 million people, the Greater Mexico City area faces major infrastructural scarcities in transportation, water supply, and affordable housing; and its enormous scale poses environmental, energy, and public health problems, the result of pollution, carbon emissions, and sprawl. Following our return from Mexico City, four primary issues were identified as critical for consideration of the future of Mexico City: Water, Seismology, Infrastructure, and Inequity. Each student group was challenged as a design team to consider how Mexico City might address specific scenarios and think of their project at two scales: the scale of Mexico City as a whole, and the scale of a more specific area of Mexico City, such as a colonia. [Link] 

Two Sides of the Border: Redefining the Region. Yale School of Architecture Gallery (November 29, 2018, to February 9, 2019). Studio Instructors/ Rob Hutchison, Jeff Hou. Student Groups/Centros: Fengyi Xu, Melinda Groenewegen, Amy Broska. AeroEspina: Laura Durgerian, Mackinley Erickson, Sharon Fung. Cirquito Agua: Yuansi Cai, Annalisa Castelli, Richard Hua. Architecture on Revolution: John Rodezno, Veronica Leanos, Gabrielle Lewis.