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Post Nature: 2018 Taipei Biennial

Plant’s-Eye Views of Taipei: If plants have visions, how would they view the city? Plant’s-Eye Views of Taipei was a work produced for the 2018 Taipei Biennial, titled “Post-Nature: Museum as an Ecosystem.” The materials in “Plant’s-Views of Taipei” were produced in an international workshop that took place at the Treasure Hill International Arts Village in summer 2018. Under the direction of Jeff Hou and Dorothy Tang, the workshop explored the anthropomorphization of plants, blurring the boundaries between species of life, and between “natural” and “unnatural.” Through the plant’s-eye views, this work challenges the audience to question and reflect upon the anthropocentric view of the city. Through the vision of the plants, we witness the border realm of “Nature” and “Post-Nature.” [Link] [Video Compilation] [Publication]

Post-Nature: Taipei Biennial 2018, Taipei Fine Art Museum (November 17, 2018, to March 10, 2019). Artists/ Jeffrey Hou and Dorothy Tang. Workshop Co-instructors/ Chi-Tung Huang, Harley S. Pan. Workshop Participants/ Xiaomeng An, Baiyu Chen, Hsin Cheng Chien, Juliana Hom, Chun Sing Hui, Pui Ling Ip, Michelle Lam, Eva Lin, Sam Lin, Sharon Lin, Sammy Sin, I Hsiang Wang, Carmen Yuen, Shi Yue Zhang, Jingyi Zhou. Workshop Commentators/ Huasun Chang, Chingwen Cheng, Serena Chou, Che Lin, Zo Lin.