Urban Commons Lab

Age-friendly Communities

Placemaking and Inclusive Engagement: As our city’s populations age and become more diverse, how can we create places and opportunities for communities to adapt to these changes? How can we engage communities to create those places in inclusive, meaningful, and creative ways? How can we construct communities and social networks that are age-friendly and promote health, diversity, and active living? Using cases from the U.S. and abroad, this workshop engaged participants in understanding techniques and best practices in inclusive community engagement and creative placemaking. Specifically, participants learn about intergenerational participation, cross-cultural learning and engagement, and practices of tactical urbanism and creative placemaking, and apply what they learn in a quick, interactive exercise.

AARP Houston (2017). Workshop Lead/ Jeff Hou. AARP Houston staff/ Tina Tran, Shondra Wygal. AARP Consultant/ Rogene Gee Calvert (Outreach Strategies)