Urban Commons Lab

City Sharing & City Remaking

Sharing in South Airport: Shared kitchens, co-living apartments, occupation of public spaces, space-share platforms—a movement of urban sharing and commoning is currently emerging in cities around the world. In contrast to the exploitative nature of “shared economy,” these grassroots initiatives focus instead on collective acts of and relationship building among individuals and small groups, as well as the transgression of pre-existing boundaries. This forum series brought together activists and organizers of many emerging initiatives in Taipei as well as interested citizens for exchange and sharing. Following the planning workshop, each subsequent forum addresses a specific theme ranging from co-working arrangement to urban regeneration. The workshop contributed to the activation of the forum venue, an unused basement space in a resettlement apartment building in Taipei’s South Airport neighborhood into a hub for several social startups and community activities. [Link]

Space Share Taipei, Collaborative O. Company, and Taipei City Office of Urban Redevelopment (December 18, 2015). Co-organizer/ Jeff Hou and Chen-Yu Lien (Chung Yuan University). Collaboration/ Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University. (Images: Collaborative O. Company, Jeff Hou)