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Linkou 3490 Public Art Forum Series

This project presents an extraordinary public art initiative located in the largest social housing project in Taiwan. With 2500 units, the complex serves small families, working singles, and socioeconomically disadvantaged households. Using art and art practices as a vehicle for community building became the primary objective of this project. With “relational aesthetics” as the core concept, the project invited 14 teams of artists to each create a unique approach that facilitates the building of social relationships and collective identities within the temporary community (residents can only stay up to six years on the site). In the first phase of the project, Jeff Hou (University of Washington) and Sampson Wong (Chinese University of Hong Kong) were invited to form “Team Zero” to curate a series of 12 dialogues between artists, residents, housing advocates, social service professionals, agency and management staff, and members of the public that examine specific issues of art practices, community care, and social housing from 2021 to 2023. [Link]

Linkou 3490 Public Art Forum Series. Team Zero: Jeff Hou, Sampson Wong; Project Lead: Collaborative O. Company; Project Client: National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center