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Bottom-Up Resilience Webinar Series


Civil Society Responses & the Marginalized Publics during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis, community self-help and mutual support have become critical to the survival of many individuals, lending a lifeline to some of the most vulnerable populations in our society. In contrast to the government or institutional responses, they represent the agency and ability of the civil society groups to mobilize in times of crisis—a process that has proven to be effective in other disaster scenarios. In a two-part webinar series, the first session brings together researchers and organizers from Hong Kong, Manila, Melbourne, Shanghai, and Singapore to highlight exemplary efforts in the respective locations. The second session follows by exploring the challenges facing the marginalized populations during the pandemic, bringing together researchers and organizers from Hong Kong, Taipei, and Tokyo to highlight efforts of both supporting organizations and the marginalized social groups during COVID-19. Both sessions further examine the implications of these efforts for long-term social resilience in the Pacific Rim.

Webinar 1: Civil Society Responses – July 7 (10am Hong Kong)/ July 6 (7 pm Seattle)/ 2020

Webinar 2: Challenges facing the Marginalized Publics – July 8 (10 am Hong Kong)/ July 7 (7pm Seattle)/ 2020

Collaboration between the APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Hub and the Pacific Rim Community Design Network, hosted by APRU Plus.